New restaurant owner, Manny Rodrigues, realized his dream while making building improvements to the historic Hartman Chevrolet garage built in 1922, now owned by Moe Salem. Previous owners of the space had initiated and abandoned plans to create an eatery in the location.

After reviewing the earlier plans for a proposed addition to the South end of the building by Silverton architect, Michael Wellman, Manny began to see what a special place it could be and envisioned a place where people would gather and share great food and stories. That place is Creekside Grill. The restaurant officially opened in September 2008.

The entrance and upper patio leading to the dining room of Creekside Grill was once a dirt ramp that was used to drive cars into the lower level of Hartman Chevrolet. Long time Silverton residents say that as kids they were always surprised they could get cars in there and that no one ever lost their brakes on that scary ramp down to the lower level and ended up in the creek!

W.M. Hubbs began construction in 1924. An article in an issue of the
Silverton Appeal said it was one of the most substantial buildings to be built in Silverton for some time; bricks, tile and concrete were used to make it as fireproof as possible.

The street level floor was leased to the F.W. Pettyjohn Company. The
lower floor was set up for the Hubbs Planing Mill Company with 19 different machines down below that would manufacture a variety of building materials.

Earl Hartman Sr. was born in Silverton in 1896. His grandparents were
John and Mary Moser Hartman. They crossed the plains in 1852, taking up a Donation Land Claim near where they made their last camp on Sept. 6, 1852, near Miller Cemetery. Earl Sr. served in World War I and was fire chief for the Silverton Volunteer Fire Deptartment and served at one time on the City Council. In 1924 he worked for the Patty Auto Company and by 1926 he became the Chevrolet dealer in Silverton and moved into the building that would become the Hartman’s legacy.

He owned Hartman Chevrolet for 50 years. His son, Earl Jr., went to work for his Dad right out of high school, eventually running the business and retiring in 1987. On May 17, 2009, Silverton said good-bye to Earl Hartman Jr., the last owner of Hartman Chevrolet.

Archival photographs courtesy the Silverton Country Historical Society.

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